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Mortgage software for US -, Canadian and other mortgages/loans

Hi, and welcome to the MW-Plus website for mortgage software. In addition to Mortgage Wizard Plus (MWP), we now have Mortgage Super Wizard (MSW).

MSW is a total re-write with new development tools, capable of dealing with today's 64 bit environment. If your computer has a 32 bit operating system you can choose between the totally new, unique and recommended 32 bit version of Mortgage Super Wizard and the still popular and mature Mortgage Wizard Plus.

The software has been created for lenders, accountants, lawyers, real estate agents, landlords, leasing companies and borrowers who want to crush their mortgage sooner.

Go to the download page, read about the choices you can make and select the version you want to download. You may also want to look at MSW screenshots and read about features and capabilities.

Mortgage Super Wizard uses a single window with five tabs. Four of these tabs contain an embedded limited capability Internet Browser. On top of each embedded browser is a tool bar to do your selections, edits, etc. The Amortization Schedule, Reports and Help files are all in HTML format.

Freeware and registered editions can:

  • Perform calculations based on 360 day or daily interest methods.
  • Display and print loans in an amortization table or custom report.
  • Open bonus applications. These are a Daily Interest Calculator and an Equivalent Interest Rate Calculator.
  • Display your own company banner on screens and printouts.
  • Do accelerated weekly and bi-weekly mortgages.
  • Show a customized appearance if familiar with HTML and CSS.

The registered version of MSW can also deal with:

  • Missed payments.
  • Late payments.
  • Lumpsum payments.
  • Negative payments. (e.g. NSF charges and legal fees)
  • Payment changes.
  • Interest changes.
  • Variable rate mortgages.
  • Draw mortgages.

Please Note:

All of the above capabilities are for 30 days in the FREEWARE version of Mortgage Super Wizard.

Apply these strategies to save on cumulative interest and to crush your mortgage sooner.

If you are a borrower, you can likely save much more money with MSW than with any other program presently installed on your computer.

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